Rental vacancies in Charlotte, NC.

Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC.If there is an upside to the housing crash, the apartment section is where you’ll find it. Vacancies are down and rents are rising, according to the latest data from Reis, Inc. It’s the strongest performance we’ve ever recorded in ten years, says Victor Canalog of Reis. Nation vacancies fell from 7.8% to 7.2% in the third quarter of last year. This trend will continue into 2011 should the financial markets remain tight. Asking and effective rents have increased from 0.5 to 0.6 respectively nationally. I have been pushing lease to own as great option to renting. Sellers are looking for creative ways of selling their home. Rather than let their homes sit on the market for 180 days or more in some markets. Many sellers are willing to sign option to purchase agreements with the buyer. This allows buyers time to get qualified for a home purchase loan. Buyers get the home at todays purchase price. So that later when the buyer is ready to purchase, they have the lower price as well have built a payment history. An additional benefit is rent credits being applied to down payment as well as the option money used to enter the purchase agreement. I would like to know your comments. Frensceno Wilson Like my fan page on Facebook Follow Me on Twitter

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Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level, Charlotte, North Carolina

On the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) level, Charlotte, North Carolina demonstrated more stability than the nation, much like the West. Prices there declined only 13% since its peak in the middle of 2007, while, national prices have dropped more than 30% since its height in the middle of 2006.
Wilson Real Estate investment, LLC.

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HUD Signs North Carolina Attorneys

HUD Signs North Carolina Attorneys.

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Am I my brother/sister keeper.

Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC..
I have been having discussions on my blog “”, concerning single mothers becoming homeowners. Many are eligible for assistance through city and county housing programs. Many times the mother will find a house within the same area she is now renting that will be eligible for these types of programs. And the house payment will be less than she is currently paying for rent. Also my company, Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC, has a lease to own program that’s available to help those struggling to come up with down payments or need a little time to clear up credit issues.
Where does this my brother’s /sister’s keeper come in. You ask. Well the sad fact is many of the people who could benefit from these programs are the very ones who don’t find it interesting to search for these types of blogs. We have to help and lead these people to sites like mine for the information. Sometimes we even have to go as far as filling out the contact forms, so that I may get in touch with them. Most everyone has a facebook account so if you could give me that information on the person or a phone number we will be able to contact them. This is a form of being my brother’s/sister’s keeper. I believe everyone reading this blog know of at least one person who is a single mother and could benefit from this opportunity. So mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend. If you are reading this take the time to think of one person you can sign up, click any link highlighted in this text to do so. It will take less than 2 minutes. There are lives that could be changed by your doing so, which is immeasurable. I would like to hear your comments please use comment section.
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Latest Fannie Mae changes

Fannie Mae issued a notice to its mortgage servicers to postpone scheduled foreclosure proceedings for around 45 days for those unemployed borrowers who were approved for receiving financial assistance through Hardest Hit Fund programs.

For those who may not know, Fannie Mae is one of the government sponsored enterprises, or GSE in short, chartered by Congress. The mission of Fannie Mae is to provide affordability, stability, and liquidity to the U.S. housing and mortgage market. As per recently released directive by GSE, if a servicer is notified by a HFA that one or more borrowers have been approved for assistance, then the servicer is not supposed to refer the mortgage to foreclosure or carry out a foreclosure, which may have been scheduled, for 45 days. The current notice is an update to the Fannie Mae’s other directive from October.

The previous directive did not give clear-cut instructions on adjourning foreclosure for the recipients of Hardest-Hit Fund, with the exception of where a foreclosure sale had been already scheduled. In such a case, the GSE instructed that the foreclosure proceedings should not be suspended unless the servicers were in actual receipt of funds from the HFA, in order to cover the mortgage payment from borrower.

The 19 states receiving HFA funds are: Arizona, Alabama, Florida, California, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Nevada, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C, Oregon, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

The directive also went on to say that if a mortgage was permanently modified under the HAMP or Home Affordable Modification Program, a borrower who later becomes unemployed can use a Hardest-Hit Fund to pay their monthly mortgage payments.
If the borrower is still unemployed and the unemployment program completes, the servicer would be required to evaluate the borrower for one of the foreclosure prevention alternatives as given by the Fannie Mae, including forbearance.

So what are your thoughts on this topic?
Please post your comments below.

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Active Housing Market Indicators to Future Prices

Active Housing Market Indicators to Future Prices – A Literature Review

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Charlotte, NC. Own your next home

Charlotte NC., continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in North Carolina. It is a diamond in the rough, just waiting for you to find and put your own polishing on it. Charlotte is the headquarters for two of the major banks in the United States, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Charlotte is the home of the nations 13th busiest national airport (Charlotte/Douglas International Airport) and home of four of the top 100 high schools. It is a melting pot of cultures, with educational institutions such as University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Davidson College, Johnson C. Smith University and others.

Home values have remained stable or risen slightly throughout the mortgage melt down of the middle 2000’s. So there are affordable options such as Condos,townhouses,single family homes to choose from and plenty of available homes to select from in all price ranges.

There are two major interstates that run through the heart of the city. Making travel around town, or to the surrounding communities easily accessible. With the two major interstates, Charlotte, NC. is a major gateway to all of the southern states on the east coast.

For more local or neighborhood information please contact us at: or, we offer a lease to own option program, that is tailored to a families particular situation.

Wilson Real Estate Investments, LLC.

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Charlotte, NC. Lease to Own

I read today that for the first time since stats have been collected on household formations in America. The majority of American households are now being headed by single mothers. This information was enlightening to me. I’m an investor and managing partner at Wilson Real Estate Investments, LLC. in Charlotte, NC. Please visit our websites at, or We purchase and sell single family housing in the Charlotte, NC. metropolitan area. Most of our sells are done by a “lease with option”, which is also known as “rent to own”. I will be discussing this form of home buying in greater detail. I believe the option to purchase is one of the best ways to purchase a home if you’re having trouble coming up with the down payment or have less than stellar credit. As the new face emerges of the RE investor after the market crash, we believe that the mission of investing will be different .The new investor must be engaging to his clients needs. They will also need to be experts at least in the local real estate market. At Wilson Real Estate Investments, LLC. We believe that every house is built for a family and every family should own their home. It is a matter of matching house to family and family to house. We have focused our information to the single mother needing to purchase a home for her family. We will be using video and blogging to provide information on the process of home purchasing. These videos will provide information and explain terms that you will need to be familiar with as well as the process of home hunting, negotiating the contract with seller or realtor and signing real estate documents, to making the application for the mortgage. We will discuss the difference between buying foreclosure, shortsales, existing homes and from builders. The most important thing I would like for you to know and remember is that the information provided is just that, it is not intended to advise you or be the final authority on the subjects discussed. We will always say that your specific situation may be different so always seek legal advise from an attorney or tax consultant before entering into any deal or contract. For more information on our lease program click on more information below.


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