Lease to own Charlotte, NC. A major hole in lease option

Lease to own Charlotte, NC.
A major hole in the lease option business:
Do you know why most individuals never hear of lease with option “lease option”? Most owners who are interested in leasing with option are often not given the proper advice about this technique to sell your home. They are unaware of the fact that this selling option almost guarantees getting the price they’re asking. With lease option there is very little haggling over the price. Buyers are usually willing to pay full asking price due to not having to qualify. And they can almost immediately move in.
Real estate agents have zero motivation to present this option to a seller to fill vacant properties. Agents do not get paid until a property sells, and with a lease option it could be months or years until the property actually closes. The MLS is what 85% of people rely on when selling/renting a home. When you lease option a home, it is up to you to advertise your available property. How can you increase the exposure of your lease option property by 80%? Use the net. You MUST have your own strong advertising campaign and that is what we’re building at Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC. If you have any experience in lease optioning properties, I’m sure you understand the many annoying phone calls you receive. Why are the calls annoying? The people calling you are mostly unqualified. Over 98% of individuals interested in your lease option home will just not be able to afford it. A tip: Don’t use your phone number as a contact. Instead use an email address, not your personal email but set up an email with an autoresponder that will give further details. Using the no phone number technique will screen out most of the individuals who just cannot afford your home. In real estate, there is a common misconception on how to become successful. Location, Location, Location. The real secret for success is Motivation, Motivation, and Motivation. Only deal with motivated individuals. How do you know if a potential lease option client is motivated? Do not include your phone number on any advertising. Rather, include your email address. If a potential tenant buyer/renter likes what they see, they will respond by email. What if the potential lease option tenant does not have access to the net? If they don’t have the net, they probably do not have enough money to qualify. However, if you are in a very rural area, you might want to consider using your phone number. Once interested tenants email you. You now have their address and can respond accordingly. I strongly advocate having a predetermined price, terms of the option and necessary documents beforehand. You should know enough to be able to answer questions about how lease/lease option program works. This will save you HOURS on the phone. You will save yourself hours of time by giving lease option clients the ability to
1. How much the property will cost them
2. How the lease option program works
3. What the property looks like
You can post ads on free online classified sites once a week with titles such as:
a. Move in now, buy later
b. Rent-2-Own my home
c. Seller Financing available
In the ad, use your new email address. Give a brief description of property, include photos, videos etc.
As always I would encourage you to seek the advice of a real estate professional, or a attorney with a real estate background before entering into any contract.
We are here to assist anyone thinking of purchasing or selling using the lease to own option.
Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC.

About Ceno Wilson

Charlotte real estate investor. I have a strong desire to creat win/win home buying and selling agreements. I am particularly good at looking outside the box, when structuring agreements. I have had great success working with single mother in my area, through the NSP and the CRA programs. I believe that neighborhoods have greater stability when homeowners are kept in these neigborhoods. I am always looking to partner with local investors. My mission is to help rebuild our communities by renovating existing homes and providing good quality affordable housing for both retail buyers and the rental market. And to help reclaim our cities through purchasing and renovating existing homes and offering homeownership to those who otherwise might have a harder time realizing the american dream.
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